520w Array (Produces   2.08 KWh of electricity: Enough power to run your lights, TV , DVR, & charge your electronics like, laptops and cellphones.) 

990w Array (Produces 3.96 KWh of electricity: Perfect for a small cabin or boat)

1980w Array (Produces 7.92 KWh of electricity: Enough power for a larger cabin/ small household)

2970w Array (Produces 11.88 KWh of electricity: Enough power for a small family household)

3960w Array (Produces 15.84 KWh of Electricity: Enough power for a medium sized off-grid home)

5940 Watt Array (Produces 23.76 KWh of Electricity: For large off-grid  homes with high power needs and heavy loads)

7680w Array (Produces 30.72 KWh of Electricity: For a large off-grid home / workshop with a very high power demand and heavy loads)